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L&N has licensed, professional, experienced staff with proven expertise in placing, managing, and servicing a full suite of insurance coverages in the program format necessary to suit the unique needs of clients anywhere in the United States and the world.

With access to almost every major US commercial insurance carrier through direct appointments, wholesale operations, or program managers and access to Lloyds directly or through various Lloyds brokers, we have the ability to place our clients’ policies with the insurers who will offer the desired coverage at competitive premiums and offer relevant safety and loss control support, risk management, program management, and claims support.

We can place bonds and virtually any type of property and casualty insurance policy available in the market. This could be with a typical publicly traded carrier, group self-insured program, a club, or a captive. We review and compare policy coverage terms and prices between carriers who offer the same basic product to determine which policy offers the best coverage. We also negotiate with underwriters to obtain better terms as appropriate. having exclusions removed or amended as appropriate for each client. We regularly meet in person with insurance underwriters, wholesale operations, and program managers so we stay up to date with each carrier’s offerings. The face-to-face interaction also develops relationships and better communication which benefits our clients. The better we understand the carriers and their offerings, services, systems, and processes, the more effectively and efficiently we can manage our clients’ insurance programs. We also facilitate meetings between the insurance underwriters and the client which improves relationships and understanding and thus benefits the client.

A program could be first dollar guaranteed cost, deductible driven, retroactive rated, multi-year, group self-insured, layered limits, blanket limits, subscription policy, loss limits, include continuity credits, or no claims bonuses. Limits and coverage are benchmarked against claims results, industry tools, and similar clients.

London & Norfolk staff primarily communicates with clients and carriers through face-to-face meetings, phone calls, and e-mail. Clients have access to policy information, claims data, and certificates via a client portal 24/7. Depending upon a client’s needs regularly scheduled communication occurs to effectively manage claims, costs, and coverage. We communicate with many clients on a daily basis due to the dynamic nature of their business. We make sure clients are aware of the resources offered by their carriers, such as free legal advice, property valuations, safety inspections, safety training, fleet safety programs, infrared testing, and drawing review, to name a few.

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London & Norfolk Ltd. serves the insurance and risk management needs of commercial entities worldwide through smart, effective insurance brokerage.

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