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London & Norfolk always put our customers first. We take the time to listen to our customers and learn their business and then evaluate their risks, analyze claims, safety/loss control, risk transfer, and other factors so we can offer the most relevant client-specific services.

We treat our clients with care and respect and work intelligently to bring meaningful service solutions to each and every customer.

Some services are naturally and most effectively provided by London & Norfolk and others are most effectively provided by the insurance company or a third-party professional. It is hard to list all the specific services that we offer our clients because it varies greatly from business to business and the type of program in place. Needs are also constantly evolving based on the dynamics of a client’s operation and the insurance marketplace. Be assured that we provide ongoing client-centric services as applicable to your business.

If you have any specific service questions please contact us, we are always eager to explain the services and solutions we bring to our clients. Below is a sample of services we commonly provide:

  • Marketing
  • Negotiating
  • Payment options
  • Professional carrier submission preparation
  • Coverage Placement
  • Insurance certificate issuance and distribution
  • Detailed coverage review
  • Rigorous policy review/analysis
  • Policy delivery
  • Endorsement requests/review/delivery
  • Online access
  • Claims reporting/review/analysis
  • Claims Advocacy
  • Claims settlement support
  • Loss control support
  • Safety programs support
  • Catastrophe planning support
  • Risk transfer support
  • Property and equipment Valuation support
  • Contractual/lender insurance requirement review
  • Workers Compensation experience rating review/analysis
  • Various coverage options
  • Various program options
  • Auto ID card issue and delivery
  • Onsite loss control surveys

We offer various client-specific services based on the type of business, insurance program, insurance carriers, and claims activity.

L&N Online

We issue most certificates through an online service provider and a customer has access to these certificates as well through a secure website with a username and PW. This secure portal is also an access point for policy information and can be used to issue auto ID cards. The online system can be utilized in as much as a client feels it will benefit them.

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London & Norfolk Ltd. serves the insurance and risk management needs of commercial entities worldwide through smart, effective insurance brokerage.

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  • London & Norfolk Ltd.
  • 999 Waterside Dr.
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